Commercial Leases

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Commercial Leases

We are very successful in commercial leases i.e. assignment of commercial lease or purchasing/selling. Let us handle your commercial lease matters,immigration Advisers in Reading.

Commercial Litigation & Landlord Tenant:

It is natural that sometimes disputes arise and thousands of Pounds are at risk. AT Legal Solicitors’ commercial litigation team can assist you for commercial dispute resolution, whether you are doing the suing, being sued, or trying to limit the risks of being sued in the future.

Our primary aim is that you always avoid Court, which is always costly, more stressful and time consuming. We prefer negotiation and mediation as we believe that successful negotiation and mediations is quicker and more efficient. However in some cases the Courts are inevitable. Our expert team of solicitors can find the best solution for your business by combining our strong litigation experience and our mediation service. We have experience across every segment of the corporate and financial world and we specialise in managing complex cases involving multiple claims and parties.

Please ring AT Legal Solicitors today for a consultation on how we can achieve the best result for you and your business.