Fee Rate

We charge hourly rates and in some areas of our services fixed fees. The fixed fees are mostly commonly charged for conveyancing matters, immigration and other areas of law where the work is set out and one can contemplate completion within a certain number of hours.

We charge Consultation Fee £60 (up to 40 minutes) for initial advice or to discuss the merits of your case.

Commercial Leases fixed fee (£1300 to £1600)

Residential Conveyance fixed fee   (£750 to £850)

We charge £350 for your Immigration Application Checking Service

Registration of a child £550 and Adult naturalisation Applications £650

Entry clearance as a spouse/unmarried partner/fiancé/parent of British Child £790

Extension of leave as partner 5 year route £790

10 year route Visa Application: £1200

Adult dependent relative (entry clearance or in-country) or Child entry clearance (sole responsibility) £1590

EEA national “Entry Clearance (family permit) for spouse/ civil partner/child of an EEA national” £750

EEA national Permanent Residence Application £950

Settlement Applications £850

If more than one applicant add £200 for each additional applicant

Simple Divorce Matter £850

Fees may vary according to the complexity of your case

Financial settlement, child contact order and other litigation matters, we charge hourly rate of £200.  On occasion we may charge a fixed fee and or stage by stage fee.

Stage by stage is where we may charge stage 1 The pre-litigation fee to be negotiated considering the matter at hand. Stage 2 The Lodging of the Claim or filing Defense fee to be negotiated in light of the matter. Stage 3 The Hearing; fee to be negotiated. Stage 4 if the matter falls into this category this forms the post litigation, retrieval or enforcement stage, fee to be negotiated.

AT Legal Solicitors is not registered with VAT therefore NO VAT is charged.